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A significant threat to our youth, Substance Use Disorder often develops and takes off during adolescence. Treatment services to support addiction recovery for youth are sparse and often do not provide comprehensive, up-to-date care – the current system leaves patients and families with nowhere to turn for the appropriate lifesaving and life-changing treatment.

Jamie Daniels Foundation is actively working to support recovery through our collegiate recovery program. The funding we provide helps support students who are struggling with Substance Use Disorder or are in recovery and are currently pursuing their college degree.

In partnership with The Children’s Foundation, we’ve granted almost $400,000 into collegiate recovery programming.

We are currently funding seven colleges in Michigan: University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Central Michigan University, Ferris State University, Oakland University, Mid-Michigan College & Washtenaw Community College. Each engagement is different and is dependent on the needs of the school, and ranges from counseling, housing, scholarships, dedicated space, training, and events.

National research indicates that approximately 95% of students in Collegiate Recovery programs maintain their recovery, yet not all Michigan colleges are able to offer a robust school-supported and sanctioned program.

That’s why the Jamie Daniels Foundation is partnering with SAFE Project to offer campuses in Michigan the opportunity to join an exclusive Michigan cohort of the SAFE Project Collegiate Recovery Summer Series. The Summer Series is an 8-week virtual program for university personnel who want to improve recovery support services and capacity on their campuses.


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