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Jamie Daniels Foundation

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Share your experience and let other know they are not alone.

Your story can change someone else’s.

We invite you to share your story of how Substance Use Disorder has impacted your life or that of your family.  Your personal experience can be a powerful tool that could serve to inspire others to take action, offer hope to those struggling, or even help to change the hearts and minds of policymakers.

We hope these stories help you and others feel less alone, while connecting people to a community of those who have experienced similar struggles and hardships while facing the addiction epidemic.

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Share Your Story: How you doing? You hanging in there?...

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We understand how the stigma that has surrounded this issue can stifle and suppress voices. Sharing your story can foster empathy, end stigma, and help create a community among those impacted by addiction.

In July 2020, one of the doctors in Florida who had treated Jamie was arrested.

The Department of Justice released the criminal complaint, ‘Florida Doctor Charged in Massive $681 Million Substance Abuse Treatment Fraud Scheme’.

The charges include conspiring to commit healthcare and wire fraud billing for fraudulent tests and treatment for vulnerable patients seeking treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction.

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