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Jamie Daniels Foundation


Reduce the risk through education and prevention programs.

Stopping Substance
Use Disorder
before it starts.

This stat was the case for Jamie Daniels, and there are countless children across the U.S. that will ultimately face the same challenges that Jamie and his family fought so hard to overcome.

Jamie Daniels Foundation is cultivating and leveraging best-in-class partnerships and programs with the goal of educating and supporting communities about the prevention of use and misuse of drugs. Substance Use Disorder has the ability to take lives in an instant. It poses life-long challenges for children and families. These unprecedented threats to society demand this long-term commitment to our families, our communities, and our future generations.

More than

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of people in the United States struggling with Substance Use Disorder – colloquially known as addiction or alcoholism – engaged with drugs or alcohol prior to their eighteenth birthday.

While the awareness and treatment of Substance Use Disorders has significantly improved in recent years, Substance Use Disorder is primarily treated on the individual level and not addressed until there are serious consequences for the child and the family.

Preventing misuse of
prescription medication.

We are committed to addiction education and prevention to reduce risks associated with unsafe storage and disposal of prescription medications. Jamie Daniels Foundation distributes Deterra® Drug Deactivation and Disposal Pouches at all our events, and share these resources with other organizations, as a way to encourage Michiganders to safely clean out their medicine cabinets. Deterra pouches use activated carbon and tap water to render medications harmless and safe to throw away in household trash.


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Drug abuse prevention and education play a vital role in reducing risk factors. Learn the warning signs, and how to respond and connect with the right resources.