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Jamie Daniels Foundation

Blossoms of Hope

Supporting our mission

Join us for an inspirational and educational luncheon focused on hope, recovery, and emotional fitness.

Blossoms of Hope will feature keynote speaker, Susan Packard, co-founder of HGTV, media entrepreneur, author of several books, and an active speaker at global business forums and universities. She is also a passionate advocate for college students in recovery and open about her own path to sobriety and recovery.

Susan will delve into the theme of hope, and the hope she derives from engaging with students in recovery. She will explore the valuable lessons we can learn from them, and the crucial role hope plays in achieving our own emotional health and self-care.

In addition, the luncheon will shed light on the collegiate recovery support provided by the Jamie Daniels Foundation to universities and colleges across the state. Discover how this support is instrumental in helping students overcome obstacles, empowering them to lead self-directed and fulfilling lives.

DATE: Thursday, April 4

TIME: 12pm-2pm

LOCATION: The Community House, Birmingham, Michigan

Your participation and philanthropic support at this event empower us to sustain and expand our investment in collegiate recovery programs across the state of Michigan.

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