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Happy Heavenly 30th Birthday, Jamie: 30 ways you can join us in honoring his memory


“Not a day goes by that you aren’t on our minds, but today, on what would be your 30th birthday we remember all the greatest memories of you. Happy heavenly birthday sweet boy – you are loved and missed dearly and continue to make a difference in so many lives.” <3 Mom, Dad, and Arlyn

As we remember Jamie on what would have been his 30th birthday, we ask you to join us in honoring his memory – and help us prevent tragic deaths like his by choosing an action from the list below.

However you decide to remember Jamie, it is important. Everyday people are the ones who make the difference. Whether you are making a gift, engaging, or spreading awareness, if we all stay focused on what we can do individually, together we enable the next collective step in saving lives from substance use disorder.

So, in honor of Jamie’s 30th birthday and others who have lost their battle with this disease – what is your next step? How can you help keep our kids and communities healthy and alive?

Thank you for your continued support of the Jamie Daniels Foundation. And Happy Heavenly Birthday, Jamie.

  1. Make a $30 gift and take time to share Jamie’s story with a young person so they understand the dangers of substance use.
  2. Attend a Narcan training so you can reverse a potential overdose and save a life. Sign up, here.
  3. Join us as a sponsor at the Celebrity Roast & Toast of Tomas Holmström and Nicklas Lidström which will take place Saturday, August 26.
  4. Create your own crowdfunding campaign to benefit Jamie Daniels Foundation – rally your network to support our shared cause.
  5. Advocate for change. Follow this guide and submit this form to thank Congress for addressing the addiction crisis – and encourage them to continue prioritizing policy that prevents substance use disorder and supports those in recovery!
  6. Change your words. Help eliminate stigma related to substance use disorder. By educating ourselves and loved ones about the right vocabulary, we can help those experiencing substance use disorder, their families, and our communities to heal.
  7. Prevent drug misuse and safely dispose of your old, unused prescriptions. Purchase Deterra Pouches here – these pouches protect our environment through safe, permanent disposal of unused prescription and over the counter medications.
  8. Purchase the Jamie Daniels Foundation #ShapeTheFuture apparel – all proceeds from this important, wearable message will support our mission.
  9. If you knew Jamie, share a memory of him and your favorite photos of you together—and tag us on social media.
  10. Send a Cameo from Ken Daniels – Ken donates all Cameo earnings back to the Jamie Daniels Foundation!
  11. Reach out to someone who you think might need to talk…and listen.
  12. Drop off your no-longer-needed prescription drugs at a location near you. Search for year-round pharmaceutical disposal locations, here.
  13. Start a cause-related marketing campaign at your business. This not only raises funds for our mission, but will help generate awareness about our efforts!
  14. Share your story. Whether you have struggled yourself, or you have a loved one who is battling substance use disorder – by sharing your experience, you have the potential to change someone else’s life.
  15. Give the gift of giving! From birthdays to anniversaries, you can donate on behalf of your loved one. Simply choose the option to make your gift in honor of a loved one on the donation form, here.
  16. Oftentimes, those who know someone with substance use disorder face their own challenges and need their own kind of support – take care of yourself and seek support.
  17. From a hockey game fundraiser to casual Fridays at the office. You can plan a fundraising event to benefit Jamie Daniels Foundation.
  18. Listen to Jamie’s Song by Wilder and share. It’s a beautiful way to remember Jamie through music.
  19. Stay connected with the Jamie Daniels Foundation. Sign up for our newsletter and follow on all social media platforms.
  20. Make a gift to the Jamie Daniels Foundation Endowment, ensuring long-term support for programs that address substance use disorder for generations to come.
  21. Help us end the stigma associated with substance use disorder. Take the #NOSHAME Pledge and tag us on social media!
  22. Volunteer to serve on an event committee for the Jamie Daniels Foundation. If you’re interested, please contact Executive Director, Chris Perry.
  23. You can make an impact on substance use disorder for generations to come by making a gift to the Jamie Daniels Foundation as part of your estate plan. Learn more here.
  24. Did you know substance use disorder is a disease? Educate yourself with these 8 facts about how substance use can physically alter the brain, especially during adolescence.
  25. Join us in our fundraising commitment to the Adolescent Addiction Recovery Center by making a gift or share information about this resource with your network.
  26. If you believe students pursuing an education deserve necessary support for substance use disorder and recovery, then designate a gift toward our Collegiate Recovery Programming efforts.
  27. Get familiar with the resources available to you and loved ones struggling with substance use disorder or are in recovery.
  28. Reach out to us about sponsoring a match-giving campaign! Contact us, here.
  29. Plan a sober event with friends. A few ideas include game night, visiting a museum, taking hike, or learning something new together.
  30. Share this post!

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