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Grantee Story: Supporting college students through recovery


The Jamie Daniels Foundation, along with The Children’s Foundation, has announced a new grant focused on prevention, recovery and support for students struggling with Substance Use Disorder at three colleges in Michigan.

The Central Michigan Collegiate Recovery, Education and Wellness (CMCREW) program, a program of Ten16 Recovery Network, will provide support for students at Central Michigan University, Ferris State University and Mid‐Michigan College.

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CMCREW was started five years ago by Jessica Miller, program manager, Ten16.  Funding will be used to add a full-time Licensed Substance Use Disorder counselor who would be able to assess for substance use disorders, provide counseling to students on issues dealing with substance misuse and recovery, and make appropriate referrals, if more help is needed.

“Our mission is to provide education, resources and support to those struggling with Substance Use Disorder, and we are proud to establish this partnership with CMCREW to help us achieve our goals” said Lisa Daniels-Goldman, co-founder of the Jamie Daniels Foundation.

There are two target populations that will be served through this grant. The first is those students developing an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and drugs, particularly in dealing with the stressors of college life. The second group is those students in early or established recovery from a Substance Use Disorder who need help in re‐constructing their lives and creating a life‐long recovery plan.

“We know students may have a pre-existing substance use disorder, and aspects of college culture can exacerbate that condition. This partnership with the Jamie Daniels Foundation will help provide support for students to manage and overcome these challenges” said Sam Price, President/CEO, Ten16.


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