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Grantee Story: Student and parent prevention training


At the Jamie Daniels Foundation we know that substance use prevention programming in the schools is critical, probably now more than ever. Substance use has increased during COVID, vaping rates have doubled in the past two years, and today the average age of first-time alcohol use is fourteen.

That’s why the Jamie Daniels Foundation, in partnership with The Children’s Foundation, jointly supported the Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities (LAHC) in their Life Skills Roots To Grow program which focuses on the prevention of marijuana, opioid, alcohol, and vaping use and consumption.

The program targeted over 800 ninth and tenth grade students at Edsel Ford High School, in Dearborn, during the 2020-2021 school year. A large percentage of the students are Arab American and include immigrants, refugees and English Language Learners. There is a great deal of stigma in the Arab American population associated with substance use and seeking professional help for addiction, and this program is meant to help reduce that stigma.

Students received 10 weeks of virtual, interactive and engaging substance abuse prevention programming. Additionally, 200 parents were expected to receive education on substance use, treatment, and the safe disposal of prescription medications. Learn more about the program in the video below.


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