Mickey Redmond Roast – Media Information

We look forward to working with journalists to bring the story of the Mickey Redmond Roast for the Jamie Daniels Foundation to their audiences.

NOTE: Celebrity event participants will be available for interviews at 5 p.m. in a room adjacent to the Sound Board at MotorCity Casino Hotel.

In order to manage proper access to the celebrity guests and the event itself, event organizers require media to apply for credentials to attend on-site.

Media credentials will be granted in lieu of ticket purchase only to working media as defined by criteria below and will not be granted to applicants whom organizers determine do not meet the established criteria.

Event organizers reserve the right to deny or revoke media credentials for any reason.

A history of being granted media credentials for similar events DOES NOT GUARANTEE approval for this year’s event or future events and does not waive the credential application and approval requirements.

To request media credentials, contact Matt Friedman via [email protected] or (248) 626-0006.

Credential Criteria

To qualify for media credentials, applicants must be a working journalist at a bona fide newsgathering outlet including publicly read newspapers, news services, websites, and radio and television stations. Applicants must cover news or sports on a regular basis or be working on special assignment.

Non-Editorial Staff

Credentials will be granted to non-editorial staff such as news management, advertising sales or publishers of media organizations on a case-by-case basis if there is a communicated reason for attending, such as a media partnership with the event or the possibility of enhanced coverage, such as an editorial.

Personal Bloggers/Social Media

The event will not grant credentials for the purpose of writing a personal online blog or posting on non media-affiliated social media accounts.

Freelance Writers

Freelance writers must verify they have been retained by a bona fide news organization for the express purpose of covering the event. Freelance applicants will be asked to provide proof of an assignment from a news organization.

Credential Denial

Should you be denied media credentials for the event, you will be denied access to the event unless you purchase a ticket like any other attendee.

Media Access

Media credentials provide complimentary access to the interview sessions and the event program itself, but credentials do not necessarily grant access to cover private receptions or behind-the-scenes activity.