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Enabling success for one-third of Michigan’s college students


The Jamie Daniels Foundation is pleased to announce that it has awarded five new grants in support of seven different collegiate recovery programs at universities and colleges throughout Michigan. The foundation’s support now enables nearly 150,000 college students – or one-third of Michigan’s college students – to access resources, support, and guidance throughout their recovery journey.

Since 2018, the Jamie Daniels Foundation has granted nearly $400,000 to collegiate recovery programs through their partnership with The Children’s Foundation.

University of Michigan, Oakland University and Washtenaw Community College are the foundation’s three newest partners. These schools join Central Michigan University, Ferris State University and Mid-Michigan College through a partnership with Ten16, as well as Michigan State University – Jamie’s alma mater and the first collegiate recovery program the foundation supported starting in 2018.

“The generosity of the Jamie Daniels Foundation and The Children’s Foundation comes at such an important time,” said Teresa Herzog, Collegiate Recovery Program Coordinator at Washtenaw Community College. “Our WCC CRP will be able to make clear to our community of students that they are not alone and that we support them.”

According to research, approximately 95% of students in Collegiate Recovery programs maintain their recovery, yet not all Michigan colleges are able to offer a robust school-supported and sanctioned program.

The Jamie Daniels Foundation is helping to address this problem by providing financial support to colleges and universities so they may deliver effective, quality programs that keep students sober while pursuing their academic and long-term goals. This support takes many forms –from counseling, housing, scholarships, dedicated space, and community – all of which are necessary for a successful program.

“The Jamie Daniels Foundation’s support and belief in the concept of collegiate recovery and vision to bring real change to the community, state and country is evident in that support,” said Dennis Martell, Ph.D., director, Health Promotions, Michigan State University. “This grant will help our students be successful citizens and support them as they move to graduation.”

With proper support, conquering the disease becomes achievable. Thank you for your continued support as the Jamie Daniels Foundation grows and evolves – thank you for your support of Michigan’s students who are building a better future for themselves.

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